Deluxe Bundle
Son Lux

Deluxe Bundle

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Bundle containing:

- Pentapytch by Ryan Lott on electric blue vinyl with purple centre.

- Son Lux logo beanie hat

- Son Lux logo Bobble hat

- Son Lux logo woven patch

- Son Lux logo pin badge



Pentaptych is taken from the ballet piece commissioned by the Philbrook Museum of Art and presented by Tulsa Ballett. Featuring 9 new unreleased tracks from Ryan Lott and artwork by Eric Sall. Layout by Amanda Hodges. 


Side A:

1. Water Fields

2. A Softer Blade

3. Counting Atomic

4. Bending Glass

5. Green Timbers

Side B:

6. Vibrant Matter

7. No Motion

8. Bright Sqaure

9. Water Fields (Reprise)

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